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Alliance Leveling Guide 1-80

(Wrath of the Lich King)

Ok guys, Gio here, about to give you the needed steps to go from 1-80 quickly and effectively. Lets start with some rules.

1. Vote twice a day, save your points, never spend em on "no lvl req. leveling items."
2. Once you hit the level the guide tells you to get to in a certain zone, drop all your quests there and move on.
3.Go to the trainer at the following levels: 6, 10, 15, 25, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80.
4. Be sure to run at all times, killing everything that holds experience. On your way to a quest location? Run there, killing all in your path! No mercy!
5. Download the addon Quest Helper or Carbonite, they put arrows on your screen pointing you to the location where all quest items/npcs are.

Ok, well there are the basic rules, now lets get to the guide. Following this guide will get you from 1-80 in about 1-7 days, depending on how much you play. Lets go.

Train in your starter area from levels 1-10, doing all quests available.
Dwarves and Gnomes: Dun Morogh
Night Elves: Teldrassil
Humans: Elwynn Forest
Draenei: Azuremyst Isle

LEVELS 10-20
At level 10, i like to go to Westfall, the quests are easy and the Deadmines quest gets you the xp you need fast. So head there. If you don't know how to get there from Kalimdor, please scroll down to the bottom of this guide.

LEVELS 20-30
Head east from Westfall to Duskwood, follow the path towards the east until you reach Darkshire, grab every quest you can, the quests here are very easy and provide plenty of xp, so you'll only be here for a couple hours then move on.

LEVELS 30-35
Now from levels 30-35 a lot of people go to Stranglethorn Vale, I would suggest you stay away from STV only because of all the damn horde. But if you would like to try it out, go ahead, just keep this window open because you'll be looking here for your other options. I personally go to Arathi Highlands, the quests are simple and there are plenty of em, so an easy 5 levels. But since we will be heading to Kalimdor for the remainder of levels 35-58, i would recommend going to Menethil Harbor and taking the boat to Dustwallow Marsh, then fly to Desolace, it'll be more convenient to get the traveling out of the way early.

LEVELS 35-45
We'll be heading to Dustwallow Marsh now, there are tons of quests here and usually no horde, so the questing will be nice and easy here. Be sure to grab every quest, I cannot stress this enough! It makes everything go much faster.

LEVELS 45-50
There are 3 options here. Here's a quick rundown.
Felwood: There are usually a few horde running around, and not many quests to do, but you do have the luxury of being very close to Winterspring, you'll need to go there once you hit level 50. You can always fly to Azshara for more quests.
Azshara: I don't see many people quest here, but I've heard some good things, and again you will be close to Winterspring and Felwood for more quests.
Searing Gorge: Just gotta love all the quests available here. Easy 45-50, I got up to 55 here actually.

LEVELS 50-58
There are many spots you can utilize to be ready to head into outlands.
Winterspring: Easy quests for good xp, if you go here you may find a horde or 2, but they usually don't get in your way. Grab all the quests in Everlook and go crazyy
(You'll have to head back to the Eastern Kingdom for the following spots, but it's worth it.)
Blasted Lands: I suggest finishing up at some other areas and getting as close to 58 as you can before coming here, there are very few quests, but the ones that are here provide plenty of xp.
Burning Steppes: My personal favorite! Tons of quests, no horde, fun environment. I have a blast leveling here. Maybe because i know every quest by heart... Hmmmm...
Western and Eastern Plaguelands: Tons of quests here but there might be some horde to fight off, either way the xp is good.
Un'Goro Crater: One of my favorites, there are usually some horde here, but in my experience i have never had troubles getting the quests done.
All are good spots, it's up to you.

LEVELS 58-65
Head to the blasted lands, from the flight master run to the dark portal. Before entering talk to the Draenei just outside of the portal, grab that quest, then run in and start your questing in Hellfire Peninsula. Grab every quest in Honor Hold and the Temple of Telhamat. Do them all, even if they're green.

LEVELS 65-68
Head west from Hellfire to Zangarmarsh. Start every quest in the Cenarion Refuge and Telredor. Get them done, they all go by really quickly, and the leveling here is fast.

LEVELS 68-70
Get a group of friends around your level or find a level 80 to help you. Head over to Nagrand and do The Ring Of Blood. It's an easy quest that will get you 2 levels fairly quickly.

LEVELS 70-75
Time for northrend. If you don't know how to get there scroll to the bottom of this post. Do everything available in the Borean Tundra. Grab every quest in Valiance keep and from there wander around grabbing everything, do all the quests in Coldarra as well. If you don't get to 75 here, move to Dragonblight for some leveling.

LEVELS 75-80
The final stretch! Head to Sholazar basin, there are tons of quests scattered all over the place, hit up each flight point location for quests then wander around and find more as you go. If you don't hit 80 here, fly to Storm Peaks for some final questing. Also, if you'd like to skip some questing, you can grab a level 80 friend or 2 and head to Zul'Drak to do the Amphitheatre quest chain. Fairly easy 2 levels.

There you have it, you're level 80. Now it's time to get geared, but we'll save that guide for another day. I'll be writing a lot more tutorials on profession leveling as well as gearing your 80, be on the lookout for them.

Can't find your way to Kalimdor or The Eastern Kingdom? Don't know how to get to Northrend? Well I'll tell ya how!

From Kalimdor To The Eastern Kingdom: If you're a draenei, take the boat from Azuremyst Isle, Just southwest of the Exodar you will see the dock(a brown rectangle off the shore if you're looking at the map), that's where the boat goes. and head to Auberdine, once there go to the southern docks and take the boat to stormwind. If you're a Night Elf, take the portal in Darnassus(it's just behind the bank) then run up the ramp to the Flight Master. Land in Auberdine and go to the Docks, take the southern most boat and ride to Stormwind! There ya go!

From the Eastern Kingdom to Kalimdor: From any flight path in the Eastern Kingdom fly to Menethil Harbor, take the boat to Dustwallow Marsh and you're there!

Getting to Northrend: Head to the stormwind docks, take the furthest boat to the east. Land in Valiance Keep. Enjoy!

This guide isn't originally created by us we just copied this guide from Molten Wow Forum.

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