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Molten Wow Working Addons 3.3.5a Version

Cataclysm 4.0.6a Addons

AckisRecipeList  - A LDB plugin which provides a menu of your currently-known professions which, when clicked, opens your tradeskill panel and scans that profession.

Addon Control Pannel  - Allows you to manage your addons in game, with an interface which looks similar to the blizzard addon manager.

AddonLoader - Is an addon that loads other addons automatically, as and when they are needed, which speeds up the logon process.

AG_UnitFrames - Customizable unit frame addon.

All Stats (3.3.3 Latest Compatible)  - This addon moves the functionality of the stat dropdowns to a panel on the right side of the paperdoll, so that you can see all of your stats at once.

Altoholic  - An Ace 3 addon written for people who dedicate most of their time to leveling alts, and who want to have as much information as possible in one addon.

ArkInventory  - ArkInventory helps you to easily archive items in your bags.

Atlas  - It's the images that come with Atlas that make it worthwhile: a map for every instance in the game.

AtlasLoot  - AtlasLoot Enhanced is an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever needed within the game.

Auctioneer  - Auctioneer Suite provides you with the tools and data necessary to make those difficult auctioning decisions with ease. Hint** - This addon can earn you lots of gold.

Auctionator - Makes the auction house easier to use, by presenting auction house listings clearly and succinctly, and by eliminating the tedium involved in posting and managing auctions.

Baggins (3.2.0 Latest Compatible)  - Inventory Management with virtual bags divided into sections.

Bagnon  - Bagnon is an addon that merges all of your bags into three frames: One for your inventory, one for your bank, and one for your keyring.

Bartender 4  - Bartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customization most aspects of your action and related bars.

Black List  - Black List is a World of Warcraft addon that adds a new players list (called "Black") to your Friends Tab on the Social Panel, near Friend List, Ignore List and Mute List.

BloodQueen Addon - Designed for Blood-Queen Lana'thel fight in ICC (now supporting 10man and 25man mode)

ButtonFacade  - ButtonFacade, with its associated library, is a small add-on that allows for the dynamic skinning of button-based add-ons.

Capping (3.3.0 Latest Compatible)  - Capping is just another battleground timer mod with some extras.

Carbonite  - A multi feature addon developed by game industry veterans to improve and enhance the game playing experience of World of Warcraft.

Cellular  - Cellular is an instant messenger mod (for only whispers) based on the functionality of an old version of ForgottenChat.

ChatMOD  - ChatMOD is a universal Chat Enhancemend] (sexy mod xD)

ClassLoot  - This addon is an in-game representation of Kaliban's Class Loot Lists. Kaliban's Class Loot List provides ratings for all raid loot with respect to it's suitability for different class/spec combinations.

Collectinator  - Provides methods for determining which mini-pets and mounts you are missing.

Collectionator  - Provides methods for determining which mini-pets and mounts you are missing.](pets/mounts lib)

Combat Log Fix   - Fixes the combat log break bugs that have existed since 2.4. It works by clearing your combat log essentially, but it does it a little bit more automatically.

Cooldowns   - An add-on that displays numeric cooldown counters on all buttons that are 28 pixels or wider.

Crap Away!  - This small addon sells all useless gray items in your bags whenever you visit a merchant, so you don't have to search for them all the time.] (auto sells gray items)

Critline  - Critline is an addon that will remember your highest hits and crits (including heals and pet attacks), and display them in a fairly simple tooltip.

Cromulent  - Shows ZoneInfo on the World Map in a perfectly cromulent fashion. This is just a Cartographer_ZoneInfo stripped down into its own separate addon.

Dashboard Maelstrom Weapon - This addon flashes a large icon on the screen when you have a 5 stack of maelstrom weapon.

Deadly Boss Mods  - Mod that allows you to see the health and spells of Boss Mobs.

Docs Name Plates - Unpack into your \World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\ folder. Done!

DoIKnowYou - The question asked by countless WoW players when looking for a group, someone to trade 400g of enchanting mats to, or just chatting in the Barrens.

Dominos  - This is a custom actionbar mod. It has a button on the minimap ring that once you left click it, it lets you move the actionbars around with the mouse, and right clicks on bars changes their size, opacity etc, very nice and much better than bartender.

Doom Cooldownpulse  - It flashes the icon of the ability in the middle of your screen whenever it becomes usable again.

Dr. Damage  - DrDamage displays the calculated damage or healing of abilities with talents, gear and buffs included on your actionbar buttons. The addon also adds various statistics to the tooltips in your spellbook and on the actionbar.

ElitistGroup  - Elitist Group's goal is to shift focus away from single scores which don't tell you anything about the users choice of gear.

Eloquence  - Eloquence is a linguistic mod that gives you control over communication. You can apply different levels of chat filters for yourself and others, trim long messages into clickable links, modify channel headers, apply colors to players' names, and manage spam in lots of ways.

EPGP (DKP Reloaded) - Is an Effort/Gear reward system and addon for World of Warcraft.

EPGP Lootmaster - Provides a nice GUI for distributing loot and GP to the raid. It sends a popup and a message to all raid members with the question wether they want the loot or not and sends this response to the master looter. The ML gets a nice list of every raider's choices sorted by EP/GP.

EQCompare  - Compare equipped inventory items against items in chatframe hyperlink and bags/bank.

ForteXorcist  - ForteXorcist is a powerful AddOn for Raiders. Mainly targeted at Warlocks.

Gatherer - Gatherer is an addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters in World of Warcraft. It's main purpose is to track the closest plants, deposits and treasure locations on your minimap.

Genie  - Genie is a full bag, bank and guildbank sorting addon.

Gladius - Gladius adds enemy unit frames to arenas for easier targeting and focusing. It is highly configurable and you can disable most features of this addon.

Grid - The compact grid of units lets you select a group member quickly, while keeping a good overview of the whole group.

Group Calendar 4 - Provides an in-game calendar for planning, signing up, and managing events. It can be configured for single-guild use or for multi-guild alliances.

GTFO - Provides an audible alert when you're standing in something you're not supposed to be standing in.

Healbot - HealBot allows for 60 key mouse combinations to cast any beneficial spells.

HideBlizzard  - HideBlizzard will hide frames.

IceHud  - IceHUD is a highly configurable and customizable HUD addon in the spirit of DHUD, MetaHUD, and others designed to keep your focus in the center of the screen where your character is.

KgPanels  - Create panels for customizing your UI, sucessor to eePanels.

Macaroon! - A macro-based action bar addon. It can stand on its own or supplement any other action bar addon or even the default Blizzard UI.

Mage Nuggets  - Mage Nuggets is a utility with many useful nuggets to make the lives of mages easier.

Mapster  - Mapster is a very simple world map enhacement addon, which was designed to work in conjunction with all other map addons out there.

Miks scrolling battle text (3.3.0 Latest Compatible)  - It is a replacement for Blizzard's Floating Combat Text and Damage output.

Necrossis LcD  - Necrosis is an addon to help Warlocks manage their playstyle effectively.

Omen Threat Meter - Is a threat meter.

OmniCC  - OmniCC is an addon that adds text to items/spells/abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they’ll be ready for use. OmniCC should be compatible with any addon that uses a cooldown model.

OneBag3  - The latest in a long line of bag replacements for the default game bags that will combine all of your bags into one frame.

Outfitter  - Outfitter is an equipment management addon which gives you fast access to multiple outfits to optimize your abilities in PvE and PvP.

OverAchiever  - Tools and tweaks to make the lives of players seeking Achievements a little bit easier.

Pitbull4 - It's mostly done, but not entirely done thus why there are still only betas (despite this it is still very stable).

Postal  - Postal offers enhanced mailbox support

PowerAuras  - This addon was created to provide visual cues (auras) when you gain buffs, debuffs and many more.

Prat  - Prat-3.0 is a chat enhancement addon for world of warcraft 3.0.

Quartz  - Quartz is a modular approach to a casting bar addon.

Questhelper  - Questhelper tells you how to finish your quests in the easiest, fastest manner.

Range Display - Is a simple range display addon. It is using spell range, item range and interact-distance based checks to determine the approximate range to your current target.

RatingBuster  - The design aim of RatingBuster is to provide detailed, meaningful and customizable information about items so you can easily decide for yourself which item is better.

Recount  - Recount is a graphical damage meter written by Cryect.

Retribution FCFS helper (clcret) - Shows the next skill that should be used by a retribution paladin in the FCFS "rotation".

Sell-O-Matic - The purpose of this mod is to help us sell the kind of items that we get most frequently: For example, you're fishing and loaded with raw fish or gray items.

Simple Threat Meter - Is a lightweight mod that displays your threat level on your current target as a bar. It's there when you want it to be and gone when you don't need it.

Skada - is a modular damage meter with various viewing modes. It is inspired mainly by Assessment, but also by Recount.

SnowfallKeyPress  - This addon accelerates key bindings so that they are activated by key press rather than key release. This allows you to activate your abilities faster than you could otherwise.

SunnArt  - Sunn's Viewport Art allows you to change the size of the rendered world area (viewport) and adds textured artwork in the non-rendered areas.

T-Bag  - TBag is a WoW Addon that provides an alternative bag and bank interface. It was built by modifying Engbags an addon who has essnetially the same functionality is missing some of the features of TBag.

TekKompare  - designed to8970">TekKompare  - designed to do two things: Give you always-on compare tooltips, and show tooltips for links in chat when hovering over them

Tell Me When - Provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns, buffs, and pretty much every other element of combat. 

Tidy Plates  - Tidy Plates enhances World of Warcraft's nameplates (ie. floating health bars) and provides a built-in API which can be used to create your own design. This download comes with two Theme packages (Neon and Grey), but many alternatives are available.

TipTac  - TipTac is a tooltip enchancement addon, it allows you to configure various aspects of the tooltip, such as moving where it's shown, the font, the scale of tips, plus a lot more.

Titan Panel  - Titan Panel adds one or two information bars on the top and/or bottom of the screen and allows a framework for extensive plugin support.

ToolTipTabs  - ToolTipTabs allows you to open many different chat links at any one time. Each time you open a new link it is added to the tooltip and receives it's own tab on the left hand side.

TotemTimers  - TotemTimers aims to help managing totems, shields, and weapon buffs, showing additional info about active totems (range, cooldowns) and provides additional totem sets.

TradeSkillInfo  - TradeskillInfo is an addon that gives you all the information that you need about tradeskills - including the ones that your character cannot craft.

Vamp - Automates the selection of bite targets during the Blood-Queen Lana'thel fight in Icecrown Citadel. Works for both 10 and 25 player normal and heroic modes.

VuhDo  - VuhDo is a raid monitor similar to CTRaidAssist or Blizzards built-in raid frames.

WIM  - WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) is a World of Warcraft addon which brings an instant messenger feel to communication in game.

XLoot  - A remake of the built-in lootframe.

X-perl - Much enchanced from Nymbia's Perl UnitFrames, and a complete replacement for Blizzard's default unit frames, including raid frames and raid tools, with little remaining of the original Nymbia code.

Zoom - Zoom!!! makes your UI load faster by preventing garbage collection during the UI load cycle.

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